Fitness Training

Fitness Training

If fitness training is part of your fitness goal then book a session with one of our instructors as soon as possible. We offer a range of fitness training opportunities using some of the latest state of the art equipment. The sessions are loaded with motivation, fun and energy to smash your fitness goals. With a number of different training approaches you will be at your peak fitness in no time

Fitness Training

Customer Reviews

"Training in a Mobile Gym is a must! I never in a million years would have thought that one day the gym would come to me. What a great concept and the workouts are even better. My instructor really works me hard keeping me working towards my fitness limitations and keeping every workout varied. It’s great all year round as the gym has air conditioning and heating which beats training in my shed!”
“I love keeping active but finding the time and motivation can be hard and living in a rural location has its challenges finding a local gym. When I see Mobile Gym Fitness I couldn’t believe it was possible to have the gym come to me. The workouts are something else, I’ve found muscles that I didn’t know I had. My Instructor is so friendly and knowledgeable I recommended him to family and friends that now train with him.”

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   Gym comes to you.

   Personalised programme.

   Comfortable training environment.

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