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About Mobile Gym Fitness

Mobile Gym Fitness is personal training company offering Personal Trainers a platform to deliver their service with our franchise options.

Our clients wishing to use our services will have confidence that they will be using a fully qualified instructor and receive a professional service at all times.

Accessible Fitness

Our instructors will bring all the necessary equipment to the training sessions. This could be in a Mobile Gym, Smart car or the instructors own vehicle.

The sessions will be delivered by a level 3 or higher qualified instructor so, our clients know they will be getting the right type of training to reach their training goals.

Build A Personally Tailored Routine

A schedule that fits into your life and fitness plan that matches your intended goals will be created.

Stay Active When You’re On The Go

Work out when you’re on the go in any of our instructors mobile gyms. Our mobile gyms are fully equipped to give you cardio, muscle strengthening and body toning exercise sessions in a private and comfortable environment.

Our instructors have a number of different set ups to offer you a personal training service. We offer online, face to face, and group sessions.

Franchise Options

Personal Training Sessions

Mobile Gym Fitness

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